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Startled by God!

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Cindy sucked in her breath and exclaimed “Do you see that?!” Startled by her reaction, I glanced around in a panic. We were approaching a busy intersection and I fully expected to see another vehicle about to hit us.

I followed Cindy’s finger as she excitedly pointed out the window. Thankfully, I discovered that her startled look came not from an Continue reading Startled by God!

If You Were on the Menu

A kind old farmer loved his farm animals very much. Over the years, the caring man had sacrificed much to protect and provide for each of them.

On the day before his 75th birthday, all the animals met in the barn to discuss the celebrations. Many ideas were shared, then the donkey raised his head and brayed a suggestion that everyone liked. Continue reading If You Were on the Menu

If Chickens Could Talk

It was a beautiful spring day! The front door was left open to enjoy the breeze. I was in my office at one end of the house while Gabriel and his grandmother were mixing up homemade bread in the kitchen at the other end. The sun was shining brightly, the enticing aroma wafted on the breeze, and all things seemed right with the world.

Then it happened!

All of a sudden, the distant squawking of a panicked chicken grew rapidly in volume until, in just a matter of seconds, it seemed like I Continue reading If Chickens Could Talk