The young man was called off to war. The day he left home for basic training, he kissed her cheek, knelt on one knee, and placed an engagement ring on her finger.


Throughout the long, exhausting weeks of boot camp, what was the one thing this young soldier wanted to know more than anything else?

As he boarded a ship that would take him to the other side of the world, what was the one thing he hung on to?

As he stood at the rail and looked back toward the distant horizon, what was the one thing that anchored him to home?

As he stood in the long lines at mail call, what was the one thing he wanted to read?

As he stormed the beach and saw a countless number of his comrades struck down by enemy fire, what was the one thing that kept him moving forward?

As the endless nights of explosions and wartime terror flooded in around him, what was the one thing that kept him sane?

As he was carried from a foxhole with blood draining from his body, what was the one thing that kept him alive?

As he lay in that hospital bed in a foreign land, what was the one thing that he longed to know for sure?

As the days turned into months and the reality of ever going home seemed to be a fading dream, what was the one thing that kept his hopes alive?

As he finally stepped off the train in his home town, who was the one person he wanted to see most?

John 14:1, 3 (KJV)
“Let not your heart be troubled … I will come again …”

Luke 18:8 (NIV)
“… when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?”


Someone has noted that “tough love” is choosing to love even when it is unpleasant. Similarly, faithfulness is choosing to be reliable even when circumstances are not convenient. Worldly faithfulness tends to come only when two people are already conveniently going in the same direction. It is a by-product of common circumstances rather than a relational foundation born of a chosen commitment. Biblical faithfulness is far more. A Christian’s faithfulness is consistent, sacrificial, and undyingly dependable.

Your Soldier has gone into battle. When He returns, will He find you waiting? Will He find you faithful? Don’t send Jesus a “Dear John” letter! Keep the faith! Make it real!

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